Chance to be involved in Active Travel Research

Background Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) have recently made changes to improve cycling and walking in Bicester and Witney. These include improved infrastructure (walking and cycling routes) and projects to help encourage people to try walking and cycling (e.g. bike loans, guided walks). Researchers from the University of Bristol will be conducting some research into thisContinue reading “Chance to be involved in Active Travel Research”

My daughter and me: Catherine’s introduction to bike riding with kids

I’ve loved cycling ever since I can remember. Over the years, the reasons I cycle have changed; sometimes commuting, at other times adrenaline seeking, and lately it’s been a lot less long distance in Lycra and more getting to as many places as possible powered by pedals. I recently made a pledge to cycle (orContinue reading “My daughter and me: Catherine’s introduction to bike riding with kids”

Bicester’s burgeoning bike deliveries

Small and independent shops in Bicester have not had it easy in recent years, the number of empty sites along Sheep Street and elsewhere in town is testament to our changing buying habits. Big out of town sites, like Tesco, and the near unstoppable growth of internet shopping has seen us turn our backs onContinue reading “Bicester’s burgeoning bike deliveries”

Interested, but concerned : Is a ‘Bike Users Group’ only for people who cycle?

The author of a comment on social media suggested that should any ‘keen cyclists’ be living in Bicester then they should check out BicesterBUG. Although I welcome any positive support, the idea that BicesterBUG is primarily for existing cyclists, let alone keen ones, jarred with our goal of getting more people cycling in Bicester. InContinue reading “Interested, but concerned : Is a ‘Bike Users Group’ only for people who cycle?”