Our committee is constantly striving to improve the environment for cycling in Bicester, if you are interested in joining the us then drop us an email to our personal accounts or via

As a Member of BicesterBUG you have the chance to vote on committee issues and run for committee positions so why not join us now.

RoleNameEmailLearn more
ChairGeorge Bennettgeorge@bicesterbug.orgGeorge’s blog
SecretaryPaul Trooppaul@bicesterbug.orgPaul’s blog
TreasurerRick Hughesrick@bicesterbug.orgRick’s blog

Learn more about the people behind BicesterBUG

Who are we: Paul Troop

Meet Paul Troop our trusty Secretary Paul is a barrister who previously worked in the Netherlands for the International Criminal Court and the UN War Crimes Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. While living in The Hague, he developed a liking for how pleasant and fun it was to be able to get from A toContinue reading “Who are we: Paul Troop”

Who are we: Rick Hughes

Meet our trusty treasurer Rick Hughes My wife’s work moved us to Bicester from Sheffield in October 2019. This was quite an uprooting after 30 years in one place, but it seemed sensible to make the most of this change and find out what opportunities presented themselves in a new and unexplored (at least forContinue reading “Who are we: Rick Hughes”

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